On the internet users are clamoring for video, so it should be part of your self-storage marketing plan. Read why it’s advantageous, a few formats you will try, places to promote it and more.

In this digital age, it will be difficult to decide where to invest your time, money and focus regarding marketing tactics for your self-storage business. One avenue you’re likely hearing a lot about is video, but perhaps you have questions. Will it really bring new income to your business? What type of video should you be making? How do you start using it, and where should you promote it? How do you understand if your efforts are paying off?

If you’re skeptical about video marketing, have no fear. Read answers to your burning questions below, including why you should embrace video and how best to use it.

Why It Matters

In video marketing, business operators create 30-second to 5-minute posts on specific topics. The content is uploaded to various video-sharing platforms for distribution and exposure, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and others. According to marketing firm Renderforest, nearly 80 percent of global Internet consumption this year will be video.

Video marketing is the ultimate connector! It will be used to build great relationships with potential customers and the community. It helps companies bridge the gap from being a faceless organization to a group of real people with feelings, passions and skills.