A dog can easily be considered man’s best friend with proper dog training, but one animal shelter in the metro is seeing the opposite of how someone should treat a best friend.

“We’ve just got a large amount of animals coming in, strays and surrenders,” said Patty Nugin, Los Angeles County dog Shelter.

The shelter says it’s a mix of many people turning their pets over or animal control finding them on the street. But these latest numbers are especially staggering: The Los Angeles County dog Shelter saw 79 animals come in, in less than 24 hours.

“I mean 79 animals in 24 hours is ridiculous,” Nugin said. In June Nugin said the shelter accepted more than 568 animals, 244 of them were animal surrenders. They expect July numbers will surpass that. Usually, they only see 400 animals come in a month. Nugin says the increase in numbers is maddening and exhausting. “We have five animal control officers, but I mean the calls come in daily,” she said. “We have some problem areas like Meadowlake and El Cerro it’s just nonstop all day the calls that come in for stray animals.” Officer Ricardo Egan is a part of that animal control group. “I have a difficult time walking through the kennels,” Egan said. “I do my job. If I have to take dogs in, I will. But, now I just keep my head down because it’s so sad to see the dogs in and out, the kennels are always full.” Egan says the repercussions of giving your pet back aren’t strict enough. “It doesn’t expense anything to release your animal, maybe it should,” he said. The shelter hit 100-percent full this week, they say many of the animals they bring in aren’t spayed or neutered. “We have so many litters of puppies continuously surrendered,” Nugin said. But with so many dogs coming in, the shelter says there just isn’t room. “Still somedays we need to euthanize because of space,” she said. “They are guilty of taking up a kennel nothing more.”